Having a complex team of experts ProPark offers consultancy in the field of protected area management. We thus contribute to fulfilling the mission and reaching the aims of the Foundation, by the quality services we provide and the profit we gain.

The offer for consultancy services emerged in addition to the offer for professional training courses. During our 3 years of experience in training course organization we formed a complex team of experts in all relevant fields for protected area administration.

ProPark consultancy offer:


  • Protected area management
  • Communication
  • Interpretation
  • Animation for nature
  • Relationship with communities
  • Strategy and visiting plans
  • Responsible forest management
  • Biodiversity conservation management

Types of services

  • Preparation/review of management plans;
  • Creation of panels and thematic tracks;
  • Educative activities, awareness, advertising;
  • Planning meetings with stakeholders;
  • Student activities, organization of camps;
  • Preparation of brochures, informative materials;
  • Elaborating methodologies, guidelines, inventory plans, management actions;
  • Preparation of studies;

Why choose ProPark consultancy services?

  • ProPark only works with experts;
  • These experts have at least 3 years practical experience in the field;
  • You can benefit from discounts for participating in ProPark training courses;
  • ProPark has a partnership with the Ministry of Forests and Environment, the National Forest Administration, the National Agency for Environmental Protection.

The profit obtained from consultancy services returns to protected areas in Romania by awarding scholarships for training courses or by implementing activities to support protected areas.



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