We are the main capacity building provider for protected areas in Romania. We organise capacity building events, implement projects in partnership with protected area managers, offer consultancy and mentoring services in Romania and at the European and global level, with the aim to contribute to the professionalisation of Conserved and Protected Areas.

Our activities are guided by the Strategy developed by our team and the Propark Board. The Propark Strategy for 2023-2030 will be available soon.

Propark Strategy 2023–2030

Propark Strategy 2015–2020

Our Vision:

By 2050 protected and conserved areas will be managed by passionate and competent professionals, reversing biodiversity loss in these areas, facilitating sustainable development and helping mitigate climate change for the benefit of people.

Our Goal:

By 2040, access to dependable high-quality life-long learning and training opportunities has enabled the protected area and conservation sectors to diversify and professionalise in Romania and beyond, positively impacting nature, people and climate.

Our Mission:

We provide life-long learning and training opportunities for protected area practitioners and conservationists and support them to better conserve nature for the benefit of society.

We build competences for the management of protected area and for nature conservation at the individual, organisational and sectoral level. We develop our activities using and promoting best practices and practical / field experience. We are part of various networks and we are building networks. We are offering support and facilitate participatory processes in protected areas.

  1. Develop and implement a programme to improve the protected area management capacity and effectiveness, programme addressing government staff, custodians and / or stakeholders interested in becoming involved in the management of protected areas.
  2. Promote protected areas as model areas for conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and increase the acceptance of protected areas among communities and the general public.
  3. Awareness and education of children and young people on the importance of protected areas, nature conservation in general, their preparation for work in these areas, getting involved either voluntarily or as potential employees in the relevant fields.
  4. Perform advocacy to help efforts for establishing a coherent framework for efficient protected area management in Romania, including an appropriate legal and financial framework for the management of protected areas.


Alina Paraschiv
Assistant Director

Andra Croitoru
Coordinator of model projects department

Erika Stanciu
Protected Areas Specialist

Ioana-Cosânzeana Duică
Coordinator of the Ecological Education Department

Laura Florescu
Financial Director

Mara Bulea
Capacity Building Department Coordinator

Renate Dan Cornici
Fundraising technical support

Roxana Iordăchescu
Project manager/ communication specialist

Tiberiu Chiricheș
Executive Director

Adrian Pătrulescu
GIS and relationship with the communities in protected areas trainer

Alexandru Bulacu
First aid techniques trainer

Alina Alexa
Communication in protected areas trainer

Alina Ioniță
Relationship with communities in the management of a protected natural area trainer

Amalia Dumbravă
Applied biology trainer

Andrei Blumer
Ecotourism and visitor management, interpretation and thematic routes trainer

Bogdan Papuc
Ecotourism and visitor management, interpretation and thematic routes trainer

Cristian Remus Papp
Protected Areas Management Trainer

Erika Stanciu
Protected Areas Management Trainer

Florentina Florescu
Ecological Education Trainer

George Ghișoiu
Train the trainers

Georgiana Andrei
Communication in protected areas trainer

Ionuț Tăușan
Applied biology trainer

János Márk-Nagy
Legislation trainer

Luminița Tănasie
Ecological Education Trainer

Mihai Pop
Applied biology trainer

Paul Hac
Ecological Education/ Protected Areas Trainer

Sebastian Cătănoiu
Forestry management trainer

Szabó István
Relationship with communities in the management of a protected natural area trainer

Tiberiu Chiricheș
Forestry management trainer

Zoltán D. Szabó
Applied biology trainer