Capacity building

The authorized courses offered by ProPark – Foundation for Protected Area are an opportunity for everyone to learn about a new job and to specialize in a complex field, with no previous experience in Protected Areas. The used methods are following officially regulated procedures undergoing an authorized examination by the end of each module. Participants under 65 years old will receive a graduation Certificate authorized by the Work, Family and Social Protection Ministry and for elderly people this certificate will be authorized by the National Education Ministry.

„Ranger Services” Course: capacity building program authorized A.N.C for the Ranger job, code C.O.R 511315. The field personnel acquired skills that contribute to activities in maintaining habitat and species of community interest and to regulating activities that can impact them.
• Protected Areas – role, relevance, benefits, vision
• Communication with visitors and visitor management
• Role and requirements of the Ranger
• Monitoring and conservation management
• Conflict resolution management
• Volunteer management
• Protected Area legislation
• Monitoring techniques (field)

„Community relation responsible” Course: program de formare profesională capacity building program authorized by the A.N.C. for the job Community development facilitator, Code C.O.R 341204. We form specilists capable of contributing to the active implication of communities in the administration of Protected Areas for the harmonious management of the common territories.

„Protected Area Officer” Course: capacity building program authorized by A.N.C for the job of Protected Area Specialist, code C.O.R 213306. The job is specific in the field of nature protection following the elaboration and implementation of plans and actions in order to protect, conserve, remake and reduce, prevent the further deterioration of the country’s natural heritage, considering European and national conservation policies, as well as detailed studies from the Protected Areas where the activities are undergoing.
• Ensuring measures for the biodiversity conservation in Protected Areas
• Maintaining the integrity of Protected Areas
• Ensuring visitor management in the Protected Area
• Educating the public regarding the Protected Area

„Communicator for Protected Areas” Course: capacity building program authorized by A.N.C. for the job Public Relation and Communication Assistant, code C.O.R 342906.
• Organizing integrated communication campaigns
• Evaluating public relation program efficiency
• Streamlining communication in organizations
• Maintaining mass-media relations
• Preparing work meetings

„Ecological Education Officer” Course: the necessary skills to develop animation activities for nature, aimed at children aged 7 to 14, by acquiring basic theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge, by testing and experimenting with animations and by adopting a behavior suitable for the animator in nature.