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Perioada: 1.04.2018 - 31.07.2021

Short description This innovative three-year project explores the potential of building new approaches and learning methods to improve knowledge and capacity amongst Natura 2000 Managers [...]

“Green jobs in green destinations ”

  In the period april 2015 – august 2017, Propark Foundation for Protected Areas and its partners Association of Ecotourism in Romania (AER) and International [...]

"Junior Ranger in Balta Mica a Brailei Natural Park" project

During 1st-5th August 2012 a free Junior Ranger Camp took place in the Natural Park Braila called Balta Mica a Brailei, where a number of 17 children became familiar with the Flora, Fauna and [...]

Efficient Managers for Efficient Natura 2000 Network!

Efficient Managers for Efficient Natura 2000 Network! ProPark - Foundation for Protected Areas together with the Ministry of Environment and Forests, EUROPARC Federation and the Metropolitan [...]

Thematic Tracks: an instrument for nature

  A project called Thematic Tracks: an instrument for nature was developed during April-November 2011, a project initiated by the Ecotourism Association in Romania along with ProPark [...]

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2 training of trainers seminars
31th August-4 th September

As part of the project ”Capacity Building Plans for Efficient Protected Area Management in Eastern Europe”, PROPARK FOUNDATION FOR PROTECTED AREAS in Romania is organising 2 training [...]

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