Efficient Managers for Efficient Natura 2000 Network!

Efficient Managers for Efficient Natura 2000 Network!

ProPark - Foundation for Protected Areas together with the Ministry of Environment and Forests, EUROPARC Federation and the Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development Brasov is implementing the project “Efficient Managers for Efficient Natura 2000 Network” . The project will be implemented in three years from September 2012 until July 2015 and is financed by the European Union through Life+ Communication programme.

The project is aiming to increase management capacity and support for Natura 2000 sites in Romania by developing the communication skills of site managers and by supporting the integration of biodiversity concerns in territorial planning processes in and around Natura 2000 sites.

One  component of the project is to develop and disseminate best practice guidance and improve skills and capacity of site managers on communicating Natura 2000 by providing high quality communications training programme and producing a communication toolkit for Natura 2000 managers in Europe.

Another component is to support improved territorial planning in Romania that incorporates biodiversity concerns by providing guidance to the most important economic sectors that are using land and natural resources on how to contribute actively to the development of regional territorial plans that reflect biodiversity concerns, including objectives of the Natura 2000 network.

The project’s total buget is 513.114 euro, from which 254.129 euro represents the European Union’s contribution.

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