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Pathways to professionalisation: Developing individual and organizational capacities for protected area management. Lessons from Eastern Europe

Although human resources are paramount for the success of nature conservation, the development of individuals’ and organisations’ capacities are not yet a priority in most of the [...]

A Global Register of Competences for Protected Area Practitioners

A Global Register of Competences for  Protected Area Practitioners is a comprehensive directory of and user guide to the skills, knowledge and personal qualities required by managers, staff [...]

Transylvanian Highlands

Afisul poate fi descarcat aici.

BUCEGI NATURE PARK - The cradle of the Romanian mountain tourism

You can download the poster here.

RACOȘ Geological Complex

You can download the poster here.

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2 training of trainers seminars
31th August-4 th September

As part of the project ”Capacity Building Plans for Efficient Protected Area Management in Eastern Europe”, PROPARK FOUNDATION FOR PROTECTED AREAS in Romania is organising 2 training [...]

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