Lauching the first mentoring program for young nature conservation specialists

What is the Mentoring Nature Program?

ProPark-Protected Areas Foundation is launching a challenge for young nature conservation professionals to take part in the first mentoring program in the field. The program aims to facilitate the training of young people qualified by current leaders in the field of nature conservation.
After completing the registration form, a selection process will take place and one winner will be selected for each category. The proposed categories are nature education, nature filmmaking, and photography, bats study, birdlife, nature research, and conservation. A candidate can apply to more than one category, but can only be selected as the winner of just one mentoring program.
The winners will be awarded at the Regăsește Romania Conference, organized on 15 and 16 May 2019 at the Alpin Hotel in Poiana Brasov. They will also have the opportunity to participate in specialized workshops throughout the event.
Interested parties are invited to apply following the following conditions:
Criteria for the application of young professionals
Young professionals up to 35 years of age are graduates with the following fields: Forestry, Biology, Protected Areas Management, Nature Protection, Photography, Videography, Education, etc. and/or have work experience in a natural area protected in Romania for up to 5 years. These young professionals want a career in nature conservation in Romania and have an interest in this field.

Who are mentors?

Mentors are a number of professionals with work experience in the field of nature conservation both on the national territory and in the international environment. The mentoring team in 2019 is carefully selected by ProPark. They are active experts, willing to provide guidance and teachings to young professionals according to their professional interests and work experience.

What are the benefits for the mentor?

• Passing forward professional experiences;
• Idea Exchange;
• Contribution to the development of the profession;
• Satisfaction with giving valuable knowledge and experience in the professional field.

What are the benefits for the young mentoree

• Exchange of ideas and guidance from an experienced professional;
• The opportunity to learn, give and receive opinions and ideas from professional colleagues;
• Receiving constructive feedback on specific projects and activities;
• Extending the network of professional contacts in the current working field;
• The opportunity to win a place at the Regăsește Romania Conference 2019 at all costs.
What are the obligations and responsibilities of the young mentoree?

-Availability for 1-2 weeks a year (distribution of days will be decided by mutual agreement) to conduct a series of communication meetings (Skype, messages, email, phone) and field practice;
-If it is necessary to cover travel/accommodation expenses during the mentoring period;
-May be available from May 15-16, 2019 to attend the "Finds Romania" Conference;
-To be willing to report an activity report in the form of an article at the end of the mentoring and to share pictures during fieldwork.
What are the duties and responsibilities of the mentor?

-With the availability of 1-2 weeks a year (distribution of days will be decided by mutual agreement) to conduct a series of communication meetings (Skype, messages, email, phone) and field practice;
-To share information relevant to the young mentoree/ s interest;
-May be available from May 15-16, 2019 for participation in the "Find Romania" Conference.
Registration Details:

The deadline for enrollments is May 6, 2019. An appraisal will take place between 06 and 10 May 2019 and each candidate will receive the reply by email. The winners will be invited to the "Finds Romania" Conference (15-16 May 2019) for the award ceremony.
The details of the categories proposed this year and the registration forms can be found below:

Education for nature:
Mentors: Florentina Florescu and Luminiţa Tănasie
SCHUBZ Center,

Bats Study:
Mentor: Dr. Szilárd-Lehel Bücs
The Center for the Research and Conservation of Bats,

Wild Romania:
Mentors: Dan Dinu and Cosmin Dumitrache
Wild Romania,

Bird Life:
Mentor: Dr. Szabó D. Zoltán
Milvus Group Association,

Research and Conservation of Biodiversity:
Mentor: Dr. George Bouros
Association for the Conservation of Biological Diversity,

Other details and information:
Roxana Iordăchescu
Phone: 0749096509

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